Buyers Working With One Agent

10 Ways Buyers Benefit by Working Exclusively with One Agent

  1. The exclusive agent remains objective about properties because he or she will earn a commission no matter which one the buyers purchase. The agent, therefore, doesn’t have to sell any particular property, and can concentrate on the buyers’ needs, wants and capabilities.

  2. The exclusive agent will feel no pressure to quickly sell a property to the buyers before another agent does. This allows the agent to put the buyers’ interests first.

  3. The agent will be clearly negotiating in the buyers’ best interests during the purchase and in the event a problem should arise.

  4. Exclusive agents tend to watch for new listings more closely for buyers who are depending sliey on them. It works both ways. Agents naturally gravitate toward business they can count on, and those buyers get better service.

  5. Exclusive agents can afford to invest more time in explaining the purchase process more thoroughly to buyers. The agent will have an opportunity to establish a good working relationship with the buyer.

  6. Buyers can call their exclusive agent about listings they’ve seen on the Internet or yard signs they’ve driven past. One call gets all the information they need without someone trying to just sell them on the listing, or trying to make an appointment to show a property that might not be relevant. Buyers can visit open houses freely without being pressured by the agent on site by letting the agent know that they are working with another agent and who that agent is.

  7. The buyer can purchase a for-sale-by-owner property and be represented by their real estate agent.

  8. The property search process will usually conclude faster because the exclusive agent has done all the searching based on a thorough understanding of the buyers’ needs and wants, and has received candid feedback from the buyer after showing properties. This allows the agent to develop empathy and understanding, and zero in on the best property more effectively.

  9. The exclusive agent relationship is more comfortable for the buyers. They don’t have to worry about the agent being self-serving or pressuring them to make a quick buying decision. The agent acts as more of a guide than as a salesperson.

  10. Being represented exclusively is usually cost-effective for the buyers. The commission is usually paid by the seller if it’s a listed property. If not listed, the seller might agree to pay the commission as one of the terms of the sale.

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